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Department of Education

Welcome to the Department of Education at Seoul National University.

For more than six decades, the Department of Education at Seoul National University has developed excellent bachelor, master, and doctoral degree programs to provide students the professional background. From its highly regarded undergraduate, and graduate programs, our graduates have found rewarding careers in the K-12, college, life-long education, ministry of education, as well as various academic research institutes. At the same time, members of this institute have been studying over the length and breadth of education. Our accomplishments in academic research are worthy of close attention. Furthermore, we are continuously going to make efforts for the growth of this department and to pursue the highest level in pedagogy and academic research.

This official website contains all documents and valuable information produced by the Department of Education at Seoul National University. Moreover, we are planning to present our ambitious future vision on the website. I will be truly delightful that everyone shares updated educational news and communicates a variety of educational issues through this website.

I hope you enjoy our website and have a useful experience. Your unlimited concerns and opinions toward this website will be deeply appreciated. Thank you. 



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