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Foudational Studies of Education Major

Course Number Course Title
701.503 Studies in Korean History of Education
701.535 Studies in Anthropology of Education
701.571 Theories of Educational Evaluation
701.574A Pro-seminar in Sociology of Education
701.577 Studies in the Making of the Problems of the Ideal Teacher
701.584 Empirical Research Methods
701.611A Seminar in History of Education Thoughts in the Orient
701.612 History of Educational Thoughts in the West
701.625 Studies in Psychology of Moral Behavior
701.629 Field Based Research and Qualitative Analysis
701.632 Learning & Cognition
701.634 Human Development and Education
701.730 Theories of Cultural Transmission
701.760 Historical Research in Curriculum
701.781 Item Response Theory
701.803 Reading and Research
701.813 Studies in Modern Philosophies of Education
701.821 Seminar in Ethnography of Education
701.822A Multivariate Statistical Methods
701.826 Studies in History of Educational Thoughts
701.859 Topics in History of Education
701.911 Seminar on Educational Measurement
701.916 Advanced Statistical Method for Educational Research
701.929 Studies in Morality and Social Development
701.930A Educational Program Evaluation
701.938 Seminar on Historical Sociology of Education
701.939 Topics in Korean History of Education
701.941 The Making of Modern Education in Korea
701.953A Seminar in Education Statistics
701.955B Advanced Seminar in Sociology of Education
701.956 Oral History
701.977A Thinking and Learning-Strategy Instruction
701.979 Studies in the History of Asian Education
701.984A Intelligence and Education
701.988 Educational Psychology Seminar
701.990 Seminar in Curriculum Development
701.991 Seminar in Curriculum Theories
701.992 Studies in School Curriculum
701.993 Learning Motivation Research

Educational Techonology Major

Course Number Course Title
701.572A Seminar in Instruction Theory
701.636A Seminar in Instruction Psychology
701.647 Instructional Needs & Task Analysis
701.651 Learner Analysis and Design of Learning Environment
701.652A Survey of Instructional Systems Design
701.653 Education and Communication
701.680A Foundations of Educational Technology
701.688 Seminar in Instructional Design Theories
701.689 Seminar in Distant Education
701.690 Seminar in Web-Based Instruction
701.831 Models and Ways of Teaching
701.869 Studies in Instructional Methods
701.943 Computer-Mediated Learning
701.945A Theories of Distance Education and E-learning
701.946 Instructional Design in the Affective Domain
701.948 Research Methods of Educational Technology
701.996 Educational Research Internship
701.997 Designing E-Learning Environment
701.998 Advanced Technologies and Education

Educational Administration Major

Course Number Course Title
701.548 Theories of Educational Administration
701.551 Theories of Educational Leadership
701.556 Educational Policy
701.563 Educational Economics
701.681 Educational Finance
701.684 Educational Personnel Administration
701.685 School Administration
701.687 Studies in Supervision Theories
701.871 Educational Law
701.872 Teacher Education
701.873 Seminar in Educational Policy
701.874 Higher Education
701.877 Human Relations in Education
701.909 Research Methods in Educational Administration
701.981 Comparative Studies in Educational Systems
701.987 School Reform : Theories and Practices
701.793A Seminar of Educational Administration
701.899 Education Policy Analysis
701.900 Seminar of Higher Education

Educational Counseling Major

Course Number Course Title
701.635 Counseling for Juvenile Delinquents and Substance Abuser
701.650 Ethical, Logical & Organizational Issues in Counseling
701.678 Vocational Psychology & Counseling
701.879 Practicum of Counselor Education and Supervision
701.880 Program Development of Group Counseling and Psycho-Education
701.881 Current Movement and Issues in Counseling
701.917A Counseling Theory
701.923 Methodology of Counseling Research
701.932 Seminar in Counseling Research
701.958 Counseling Skills
701.960 Counseling Practicum 2
701.965A Educational and Psychological Testings
701.966 Career and Vocational Counseling
701.968 Group Counseling
701.969 Counseling Practicum 1
701.971 Counselor Education and Supervision
701.989 Practice in Group Counseling
701.894 Career Development and Education
701.895 Mind, Brain and Education
701.896 Educational and Psychological Test: Practicum
701.897 Advanced Theories in Counseling and Education
701.898 Research Methods of Case Study

Life-long Education Major

Course Number Course Title
701.606A Educational Planning for the Civil Sociey Education
701.608A Theory of Lifelong Learning Cities
701.609A Lifelong Education Program Development
701.610 Human Resource Development and Lifelong Learning Policy
701.659A Regional Lifelong Education Development Seminar
701.660A Learning Organization Theory
701.677A Political Economy of Adult Education
701.691 Introduction to Business &? Industry Education
701.696A Understanding the Adult Learning
701.698 Life-Span History and Education
701.732 Research in Life-long Education
701.809 Competence-Based Education Research
701.810 Project Practices on Competence-Based Education
701.824 Research Methodology in Adult Education
701.825 Seminar in Adult Education Policy
701.894 Career Development and Education
701.994 Strategic HRD Seminar
701.995 National Human Resource Development Theory
M1831.000400 Learning systems seminar


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